UPDATE #90 – Latest renders + Pledge Manager Close moved to JUNE 19!

We said we would do another Update with more images before the close of the Pledge Manager. Well, the machines have been running 'round the clock to get the renders out, but nature conspired against us as well: our Sculpt Supervisor became an uncle for the first time this past week-end, and so we had to do without him for a few days...

​So, since we are publishing this Update only now, we have pushed out the close of the Pledge Manager to Thursday June 19.

Below, you will find new renders for 

- the long-awaited Necro-Priestess Nepharya (IE)
- Commander Elektra Eisenstein (KST)
- Strategist Ludmilla Magdanova (KST)
- Chief Commander Aleksandr Kurganov (KST)
- the KST Artilleries
- the IE Artilleries
- the IE Mecha
- the KST Motorbikes
- the IE Motorbikes
- and the KST and IE Weapons for Regular and Heavy Troops and Command Groups.

Please also note that the Motorbikes and the Artilleries all have alternate parts (heads, arms, etc.) included in every kit, which will help you customise your armies even more. Most of these elements are done, but have run out of time to be able to also render them with these alternate parts now.

The missing renders are the Jailbirds Mecha, Parker (JB), Ilsa Wolfenstein (IE), Kiki Bulldozer (JB), BabaYaga and Arushka, the IE and KST Trikes, the Cyberzombies (IE), and a few freebies. These sculpts are all very close to completion, and we will soon share them with you. 

We know that many of you have been waiting for the JB Mecha, Parker and Ilsa Wolfenstein, and we've been putting many extra hours into their sculpts, but they still need some more work. These are 3 complex miniatures. As we already mentioned in a previous update, Parker has been bugging us since the beginning of this Kickstarter. We don't want to rush her as we really intend to capture her persona and attitude into the sculpt. It's a bit the same for Ilsa, but the challenge is more about her posing, which is delicate to get perfectly right in a tri-dimensional space. Finally, the JB Mecha is the most complex of the Mechas, because all of its mechanics are uncovered and on display, and so, is a structural challenge that we need time to resolve, especially since we want to keep it as posable as possible...


NecroPriestess Nepharya: It may seem to you that Nepharya is the same miniature than the one you saw during in the Kickstarter video and on the front page. But actually, she's not quite that: many details were missing back then, and many others needed cleaning and rework. And we also slightly reworked the overall composition to make her look more powerful and more tri-dimensional.

Commander Elektra Eisenstein and her alternate version:

Strategist Ludmilla Magdanova and her alternate version:

Chief Commander Aleksandr Kurganov:


The KST Artillery: When we released the KST Artillery a few Updates ago, 2 servants were missing, so here is the full kit now. Also, keep in mind that each kit contains alternate accessories to customise the servants.

The IE Artillery:

The Iron Empire Mecha


For the bikers, we tried to stay true to the concept poses as much as possible. However, some of them were frankly boring, so we endeavoured to bring a bit more excitement to the mix.

Also, remember that each bike+biker kit comes with an additional head and an additional arm.

Iron Empire Motorbikes:

KST Motorbikes:


The Jailbirds have the same weapons as the Kurganova Shock Troops (Heavy and Regular):

And here are the Iron Empire Weapons for both Regular and Heavy Troops and Command Groups.

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