Masters of Eleriel and Alaniel

The 3D printed masters of Standard Bearers Eleriel and Alaniel have arrived in both 54mm and 28mm scale. Here are some pictures that we took very much in haste before sending them off to England for some hand resculpting, then moulding and casting. The 54mm version is a truly impressive piece with its huge banner, and the picture here really does not do it justice. It will be a perfect mini to get you noticed in a painting contest…

This is the 28 mm 3D printed master, before hand retouching.

Here you can see the height of the 54 mm Eleriel and Alaniel mini.

And here, a very crappy shot done with our cell phone of the 54 mm Standard Bearers next to the 54 mm Musician, with a Euro coin in the middle. It does not do justice to either minis, but at least you get a better feeling of their size and impact.

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