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The Vampire Lord returns!

January 15, 2010 1 min read

Please note: This miniature is called Khan-Urkan and is now available in two versions: 28mm (hero) or in 54mm (demon).
For each version, you also have a choice of Bat wings or Thorn wings.

The Vampire Lord, whose first concept art you may have already seen, is currently entering the sculpting Phase.

But, as promised, this mini will also be usable as a Demon or a Dark Elf General.

Bertrand Benoit, who designed the overall concept of the vampire, is currently completing the head and shoulders version of the Dark Elf. As for the Demon version, we are pleased to show you here the work of a new and very talented collaborator to Raging Heroes, Igniatius Tan, to whom we owe this head which is midway between a giant bat and a demon.

This concept works for a Demon army, a Demon with an unusual and extraordinary head. But it also can be used in a Vampire army where the Lord Vampire is transforming into a giant bat.
However, we’re currently reworking the ears to make them a combination of ears and horns.

And here’s a full shot of Bertrand’s concept, with the posing slightly revised to more closely match the intended pose of the miniature.

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