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March 12, 2016 4 min read

Day 10 of our contest was another biggie, with a chance for one lucky guy or girl to win both the Iron Storm Command and Iron Storm Troops boxes!

I love the Prussian/Germanic influenced helmets on these troops, which gives them a really sinister steampunk style. Their dynamic posing is great too! As I was saying about Ivanka Kurganova on Thursday, I like it when you can picture the figures in a battle, dashing through ruined city streets, laying down covering fire as they advance.

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

Jack Sweek said:

These are great looking miniatures with quite a few options. Excellent to assemble and paint (be sure to clean them well). They will be excellent proxies for Sisters of Battle.

Thanks Jack and you're right, the troop packs do give you a lot of options, especially when you combine them both for a proper kit bashing session!

Richard with

Death Korps of Krieg, Kasrkin or inquisition storm troopers? I can't decide yes for one option because this girls seems to match every of the three!! A really good model for W40k

They certainly are diverse models Steve and I love your ideas! The helmets definitely have a Krieg vibe and the armour works for the proxy Kasrkin, or inquisition storm troopers options. 

Will with:

These would make fantastic Tempestus Scions for WH40k. I don't even care though, mostly I'd just like to paint them.

Great suggestion Will and I feel your need to paint them too! I think mine will be a lot more battle worn than the studio paint jobs, mud spattered, with chipped and scratched armour, would really suit the action poses.

Patrick Fish with:

Their poses are fantastic. Definitely could be used as heavy-weapon carrying models for a group of Eldar Corsair's in 40k. :) (oh my goodness. I sound like a broken record, don't I? Eldar this. Eldar that--- *coughs* )

An Eldar proxy suggestion from you Patrick? I'm truly surprised mate :-) I like the idea though and the minis look suitably dark... you're making me want to start a Corsair's force now!

Michael Cookwith:

The Raging Hero stuff is awesome! Seen a few bits at my local FLGS being used in games. For me I'd take these and the Iron storm command group and use them as a sisters of battle celestians squad.Alternatively I'd donate them to a friend to use in his Krieg army!

Proxy Sisters of Battle, a great idea, or Krieg and generous to your friend, Michael you are a gent! Where is your local gaming store? We'd love to see some photos of our minis in action!

Kane with:

For the Emperor (Take 2)... Would love to say I'll use these for 40K, but I'd rather use them for some home-brew skirmish rules. More flavor, less bloat!

We love it when people use our minis in their own games! One of the great things about our proxy models is that they're all designed around styles and themes, rather than specific games, so they make great proxies and we're glad your doing just that Kane!

Nicholas Petrie with:

These models feel like they are charging forward with 50 pounds of armour and gear on them, steeling themselves to slam into the enemy like a freight train.

This is the best look I could wish for my Planetary Defence Force and I cannot wait to paint them up and see what scheme they scream for.

Add to that the support weapons are outstanding and make me feel like they are truly futuristic weapons. I have always wanted my infantry to have weapons like this and I wish I could buy extras of the weapons to outfit troops I have from other game systems.

I love the flavour and feel Nicholas! They certainly do look like the put the IRON in Iron Empire with their heavy armour and weapon options :-)

Today's lucky winner though is Max with:

I would definitely use them as a substitute for Sisters of Battle from the 40k universe (or Adepta Sororitas, if you prefer that term) I am tired of GW not updating their old stoneage models and taking half a house for 10 sisters. Although the 3+ armour save is hard to justify with these models I still think they are beyond awesome and will do their duty well in battle.

My second choice is to use them as Skitarii Vanguards, which the helms really look like they were made for.

And if all else fails they will work perfectly fine as imperial guardsmen veterans, although the reaper troopers are more suited for that dirtywork ;).

All great ideas, thanks Max! Sisters of Battle proxies are always a popular use for our minis and I think these Iron Empire models are particularly well suited to the role. As for the saving throw... on models like these, I like to think the save reflects the shot hitting the armour, with a fail being the occasions where it it hits you somewhere more... painful.

Congratulations Max!

Here comes the winners fly by... it's going to be good... any minute now... 
Err... it would appear the planes have been reallocated. Something to do with the Iron Empire war effort?!? Let me check.

OK, apparently it was a choice between the planes, or the troops getting shipped out to Max and HQ decided to send Max his minis... I can't believe it... I'm sure he'd much rather have had the fly by!

Right Max?

See you tomorrow for the next winner!

Jon Simpson

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