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March 11, 2016 1 min read

Hello Folks,

As part of our new releases this month, Kurganov forces get some serious reinforcements, in the shape of the Red Hammers Command and Red Hammers Troops box sets!

With the bulk of their forces comprising of The People's Legion troopers, the Kurganov war machine is a highly organised and disciplined force. But, while these regular troops are well motivated, they sometimes struggle in specialist battlefield situations and this is where the Red Hammers come in.

An elite regiment, the Red Hammers are hand picked, receiving additional training, armour and equipment. They're also given access to more specialised weapons, allowing them to tackle situations where the brute force approach commonly used by The People's Legion, isn't the most effective solution.

Hitting hard and fast, the Red Hammers operate in well practised teams, often deploying with such aggression and fire power, that enemy forces are convinced they're being hit by a much larger force!

As with all our TGG command and troops boxes, the Red Hammers use our customisable ball-joint assembly system, so with these packs you caneasily create highly customised unique units for your army!

The Red Hammers Commandbox includes parts to build not only the command options, but also a range of heavy weapons, allowing the you to build veterans or heavy weapon troops too.

The Red Hammers Troops box gives you a great load out for building up standard grunts. Each trooper can be armed with an assault rifle and there's options for a couple of special weapons too... including the rather lovely flamer!

You can see these troops and more on our website:

Thanks for reading and happy gaming,

Jon Simpson


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