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When you create miniature characters, seeing them coming to life in the real world is pretty exciting. That's why we are so happy to help talented cosplayers build Raging Heroes costumes when we get the occasion. So if you have big cosplaying projects, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Flesh Eater Cosplay Making Of


Stephanie Vander Heyden goes as AltF4 Props & Cosplay and is a cosplayer from Australia and a wargaming enthusiast. She contacted us a few month ago as she wanted to create this Flesh Eater costume. We sent her some detailed views of the sculpt she based her costume on, and then she worked her magic.


The result is pretty stunning!




Let's have Stephanie tell you how she built her Flesh Eater costume:


"For this Flesh eater cosplay I knew I needed to make the pieces such as the belt, bracer and spikes firm, so they could sit correctly and maintain their shapes and the helmet and shoulder needed to be light so I could wear them without having issues with strapping them to my body.


I begun by freehand patterning all of the armor pieces onto paper and then transferring them onto 5mm EVA foam (similar to the foam you can use as floor mats) and gluing them together with contact adhesive.

 flesh eater cosplay belt

For the parts that needed to stay rigid, I wrapped a layer of thermoplastic (Worbla) around them and heat formed them into shape and let them cool.

 Flesh Eater Cosplay 02

I then added all the buckles and straps to be able to wear attach it to my body to make sure everything sat correctly before priming.


Flesh Eater cosplay 03

I primed the Worbla sections with many layers of wood glue to create a smoother surface and used spray rubber for the parts that were just foam to seal and prevent the foam soaking up the paint.

Everything then was battle damaged with a dremel rotary tool and I used a soldering iron to burn the holes in the helmet.


Flesh Eater cosplay 05 

I then sprayed all the pieces with a Hammered Peuter Silver spray paint for a nice effect and went in with orange acrylic and cinnamon (it smelt delicious) to create a rusty look in the corners and battle damaged areas.

 Flesh Eater Cosplay 05

The sword and pick were made by first creating sectioned shapes out of EVA foam and adding details with more foam and a rotary tool, they too were wrapped in Worbla to be strong, primed with wood glue and sprayed chrome silver.

 Flesh Eater Cosplay 06

I also wrapped the handle of the sword with a faux leather and weathered both of these weapons.

All of the fabric elements were made using a think cotton called Calico, I drew up some rough patterns for the small cape and tabard and double layered them to make them thicker, I also tore some strips of the fabric to wrap around my waist, legs and arm.


Flesh Eater Cosplay 07

All of these pieces were then dyed brown and airbrushed to create a weathered dirty look.


Flesh Eater Cosplay 08


Flesh Eater Cosplay 10


Im super happy with how everything turned out and hope to bring another Raging Heroes costume to life in the future!"


Well, the good news is that she is currently working on a Dr Von X costume, personally, one of my favorite TGG character.... Stay tuned!


You can find Stephanie at and