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Why Shop at Raging Heroes?

Your army will never look the same

We work very hard on every step of the creative process to make each miniature a unique character that could star in a movie. It is so true that our clients and fans often say that some of our troopers would be champions or special characters in other brands. This means that the our minis are perfect to give your army a unique persona. And it might induce a bit of jealousy or envy among your friends and opponents alike ;)


So many options for customization

Most of our miniatures are multipart, often with many alternative options included. Most of our troops use the same ball joint system, meaning that you can mix and match parts at will to change the posing but also the look and equipment of your units. So if you use the same kit several times, you can get very different looks every time.


Every week, we send hundreds of parcels around the world.

Even if you live on the other side of the planet, delivery is secure, fast and cheap!
In most case shipments are delivered in just a few days. We very rarely have problems with Foreign country deliveries are a breeze and our shipping fees are low. This means that you can buy from our website without any worries: in just a few days, your minis will be in your mailbox.

You buy from a trusted company

Raging Heroes has been making miniatures for about 10 years. We also ran 3 massive Kickstarter campaigns and just for our TGG2 Kickstarter, we manufactured and delivered about 400 000 miniatures! We also have a great customer service crew that we are often praised for.
So you can be sure we’ll be here to take care of you if there is any problem.

Games and plenty of other cool stuff to come

The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy universe is soon to come to life with many different games exploring the numerous facets of that rich and always expending setting. Plus we are also working on new sceneries and other game settings too. So you’ll have plenty of options to use your miniatures!