EXCLUSIVE Fangs & Claws Pack (DE - FANTASY)

WARNING: Limited quantities featuring Unreleased models. Once they're gone, they will not be back on sale for weeks. 
SAVE 12% with this PACK instead of getting all these separately.

Pack contains 10 Harpies (Unreleased Models) + Lady Kashala on MANTICORE:

  • 10 Unreleased Harpies: 10 Multiparts winged Troopers, including 1 Champion
    ALL harpies are different from one another, and parts are swappable with ball-joint assembly for infinite customisation,  except the heads , which are attached to the torsos.
  • Lady Kashala on Manticore: a beautiful miniature that is 120mm high with a wingspan of 190mm! Rider Kashala is completely separate from the Manticore.

Finely crafted in resin. Scale is 30mm Heroic scale: they will fit very well in all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 10 x 25mm bases.

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