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The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Picture Gallery

TGG1 Kickstarter: the wildly successful Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter ($698,548) is now over, but all the minis are now released on this website and at retailers worldwide, and are becoming part of our regular catalogue with regular releases throughout the rest of 2015.

Imagine a movie directed by Tarantino in which a band of female warriors/soldiers are drafted from all the prisons and hellholes of the galaxy, and are then led by our very own Kurganova sisters. Imagine a bunch of punk-ass big-mouth bad girls, kind of like a mix between Aliens' Vasquez, Tank Girl, and Planet Terror's Cherry Darling, and you get an army of psyched Rambo girls – we like to call them "the Rambettes" - that you would not want to approach if you care for your life.

Well, we now have a FULL army of them, with LOTS of characters.

Over 150 new sculpts, that is, 20+ heroes/special character and  20+ unit boxes  spread over 3 different forces (details here): The Jailbird Division (a.k.a. the Rambettes: a Special Ops Penitential Unit under the command of the much more regular and organised Kurganovas' army), the Kurganova Shock Troops, the Iron Empire (our cyber-Prussian style soldiers) - although we'll likely change their name…



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