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November 07, 2019 1 min read

Halloween season is already coming to an end, and winter is at the gates! Mireille grew up in Canada and there's already snow here...

Anyway, you're on the hunt for rad models to paint during the long winter nights? But you don't know what to choose or where to look in Raging Heroes crazy catalogue? 

We have 3 suggestions for you: here are the most popular models of the month!

1 - The Day of the Dead edition of the Daughters of the Crucible: we knew a lot of you were waiting for them, but oh boy! These are flying off the shelves and they ranked at the first place in less than 24 hours! 

This collection will be over soon, don't miss out...(if you'd like we'll send you a message a few days before the end of the collection, make sure you're a member here!)

 - The Machines of Prodigy: the new Sisters' walkers are on a rampage! Three different war pulpits with their repentant drivers, very popular among Sisters of Battle players as proxies for Penitent Engines:

3 - Last but not least is a comeback from a gang of deadly Lust Elves: The Skinners! We have 10 different troopers. Popular among Warhammer 40K players as Dark Eldar Wrack proxies.

A closer look at the Skinners?

Check out this video where The Apathetic Fish is taking a closer look at the Skinners!

Turntable video of the new mechas

Talking about videos, here's one showing of these new pulpits, the Machines of Prodigy, and also more photos of the models: click here!

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