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January 15, 2019


"Huge worms with razor sharp teeth. These are awesome." 
(Natfka / Faeit 212)

The Worm Riders You Imagined!
New Release: more Lust Elves beasts done right! It's time for the Worm Riders to crawl onto your gaming tables and show what evil they can wreak!

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How BIG Are They?
I knew you would ask. So here's a size comparison photo featuring our regular 30mm heroic scale heroines together with the Draahk Riders, and the Demon Steed Rider Xenzirhya, which by the way is a great fit with the Worm Riders! Check out our Slash and Slither Packs to save even more! 

January sale: FINAL DAYS!
In case you didn't treat yourself yet to starting off the year with fresh minis, our very special January Sale is almost over: SAVE up to 50% (hello metal heroines!) and check out our awesome Buy 2 Get 1 more for FREE* DEAL (*conditions apply)

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