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February 04, 2022 2 min read

Romellian and Julianthi are available to pre-order and will be shipped starting February 11th


Julianthi is a Lust Elf and lives in another plane of reality. Since her young age, she’s always felt like an outsider as she never shared the bloodlust/savagery/cruelty of her kind.

One of the most distinctive aspects from her Lust Elves counterparts is that Julianthi prefers to have a human appearance.

She always found the aesthetic of the human body more appealing than displaying demonics features.

Often teased for that choice, Julianthi never backed down and drifted further apart from her kind.

But it didn’t mean she wasn’t loyal and always fought fiercely for the Lust Elves during their endless conflicts with other races.



Romellian is an ambitious Dark Elf warrior with an unquenchable thirst for glory and grandeur.

All he ever wanted was to be remembered and people recounting tales of his glorious exploits in all the Realms for eternity.

Skilled fighter, Romellian quickly climbed the ranks to become a Dark Elf General.
As the ultimate blessing of his new stature, the Dark Elf King offered him his daughter's hand in marriage. 



But everything changed the day Romellian met Julianthion the battlefield.
As sworn enemies, they were supposed to destroy each other but instead fell in love the moment their eyes met.

From that moment, Romellian and Julianthi were willing to sacrifice everything that ever mattered to be together.

Attracting the wrath of their respective kinds, Romellian and Julianthi had to shed blood to live their love.

They vowed to be together whatever the cost. And they truly meant it.
Even if it meant ripping apart the heart of anyone who will attempt to tear them apart. 


Special Edition Valentine's Day Models For That Special Hobbyist In Your Life!

Whether it is harvesting organs from the body of your enemies, worshipping the gems of your dark deity, or just printed on that big fluffy teddy bear, hearts are everywhere this time of year. And the awesome miniatures in our range are no exception!

Back by popular demand, our special edition Valentine's models are available for the whole month of February!

We have customised four special edition models available now in limited quantities as special gifts for your loved ones:

Yscarloth: The Harvester of Flesh (Sci-Fi Version)

Yscarloth: The Harvester of Flesh (Fantasy Version)

High Preacher Almeriah on War Pulpit

Altar of the Succubi: Dark Elves War Machine




Forgo the chocolates, flowers and teddy bears this year, get the one you love something truly special to show your affections!

Remember, these special edition models are only available for this month only! 

These Valentine's Day exclusives are an extra accessory added to the these packs. The original accessories are still all included so you can choose to customize the model as you wish!


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