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October 01, 2021 2 min read

Time to get SPOOKY and revisit our classic fairytales with a DARK twist

The latest release from Heroes Infinite by Raging Heroes is Halloween Dark Fairytales!

Available to Download, Print, Paint, and Play!

October's release is bringing a nightmarish version of our childhood fairytales.

What a better way to celebrate Halloween than to revisit the horror stories of olde: the fairy tales!

So let’s turn things upside down a bit and spice it up with a little bit of badass. Suddenly, the poor heroines who were always the designated victims become serious kick-ass adventuresses (yes, that could be a word, right?).

This is why we turned
Snow White into a Witch Huntress. 
Red-Riding Hood into a WereWolf Slayer.
And Alice? Well
 into a maniac
 but a cute one, though.

And of course, Snow White’s Dwarves couldn’t possibly be your regular good old Grumpy, Doc, etc.
So we turned them into an evil and mean bunch!

Sure, we wanted to have the Card Soldiers from Alice’s travels.
And we figured that mean Tooth Fairies could be a nice addition to our twisted and nightmarish fairy tales.

And as for the scenery, well
 Our sculptor in charge just went completely crazy this month, so you’ll have enough to build the most amazingly strange magic forest you’ve ever seen. 


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Leader & Overlord Tier

October’s collection brings with it one of the largest number of miniatures  available in the market with subscriptions from just $10.

In the Leader tier you’ll find an all-powerful line up of your favourite childhood characters: Snow-White, Alice, Red Riding Hood, the Evil Queen, Prince F...kin' Chaming, Dwarves with a breathtaking centerpiece. 

Each model feature an array of exquisite details for a striking end result.

The Overlord Tier also includes amazing units of troops, modular terrain and a tier exclusive miniature for just a $6 add-on! Enough models fill out an entire army or a full RPG adventure for less than the price of a single physical miniature! 

Plus on HeroesInfinite.com, our subscribers get exclusive access to 2 Limited Edition:one of Snow White and one of Alice.

Join us on Heroes Infinite Today!

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