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May 30, 2019 1 min read

Lust Elves are pretty amazing creatures. They can morph and shape-shift at will. The most powerful ones can dramatically change size, up to gigantic proportions.

When we created the Taïpahn character, we wanted to make something truly unique that would top what we had already done with the Lust Elves. We also wanted to showcase how a powerful character like that can transform itself. 

Lady Taïpahn is the Queen of the Taïpahn House of the Lust Elves. A house of slithering treason and venomous beauty. Depending on her goals, she will present herself in a human size or a gigantic demonic size. 

The Avatar of Taïpahn is our tallest creature ever, full of exquisitely sculpted details. She's like something you've never seen on the battlefield. 

Although she is a very massive miniature, she is a very simple kit to assemble, whether you choose the small (Lady), medium (Queen) or large (Avatar) size.


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