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The Lust Elves are a strange bunch to say the least. To understand their motives, culture and social codes is beyond human reach. However it’s pretty clear that the Lust Elves tend to organise around Houses or Cults that refer to their physical appearance and to their main centers of interest.

The Houses are led by powerful Matriarchs. Theses creatures embody the core spirit of their House, although sometimes it might be hard for humans to be able to determine what traits are key to a specific House. Taïpahn is the Queen of the House of Venom and Slither.

House Queens can incarnate into various appearances and sizes. And so humans, for lack of a better terminology, have given them three types of titles (indeed, Lust Elves do love being addressed with a title):
- “Lady” for a human sized incarnation
- “Queen” for a large, monstrous size
- “Avatar” for a demonic, gigantic size.

Houses are always awash with feuds, rivalries, alliances and scheming. Many Lust Elves spend their lives changing allegiance to a house or another. The Queens delight in such ferocious competition and endless webs of seduction and war.