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June 01, 2019 2 min read

We ran a survey in our social medias asking people: how would you use our new Wild Dogs?

1. Gang Girls / Necromunda / Escher / Hive Gangers: one of the most common answer, these bad girls are definitely fitting this job for many gamers!

2. Members of Chaos Cult: another popular one, can't wait to see these Jailbirds as Chaos Cultists! Here's a funny comment from Bryan on Facebook "They would add a lot of flair to my boring WH40k chaos cult!

3. Other Armies and Games: Among the comments, we were pleased to read various answers: 

  • RPG Games in Post Apocalyptic themed Campaigns
  • Space Marines
  • Female Ork Hunters
  • Kill Team
  • Starfinder as Space Pirates
  • Blackstone Fortress
  • Nomads for Infinity
  • Imperial Forces

4. Dioramas: many good ideas there and there, from cyberpunk style to futuristic gang warfare, please go ahead guys, we want to see these Wild Dogs in epic scenery, that's what they were made for! Here's Zaid Fouquette suggestion for a diorama: a Prison convoy bus with Lieutenant Parker as the Driver:

"The prison's guard towers would have troops firing at squads of motorbikes circling the walls. The windows would all be shot out, the roof would be Swiss cheese- a strong breeze away from falling off entirely. And the officer checking the door of the 'escaped' bus the biker gang shot up en route to the prison would come face to face with Kookie Kutter just before she shot them.

Faceoff would be squatting on her seat, sticking out her cannon to lay down suppressing fire for Lt Parker.

The Duchess would be shooting out the back window at the gate guards while Bonnie Blender and White Bull Billie leap out their bus windows, headed toward the prison yard: if they can bring down that fence then they've got an institution's worth of new recruits.

I wonder if that'd be called a Trojan Jailbird?"

5. Finally, here's probably the best use we could think of, from Tom G. Kelly on Facebook: "It would be my best friend and confidant. We would make pies and have tea while plotting on where to defecate on the neighbor's lawn."

Thanks again for all your answers and taking part to this survey, please don't hesitate to share more ideas and feedback in the comments here!

And if you like the Wild Dogs, get ready for more attitude: the Howling Jackals are coming... Kimmie Krüsher is one of them. And she can do all sort of things with her power fist... Don't take it personally, it's just the way she is.

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