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March 27, 2020 2 min read

The Creative Process ✒️ New interview of Benoît by OnTableTop / Beasts of War

A few months ago, our founder and art director Benoit Guerville revealed in this video a few secrets about designing strong characters for the Raging Heroes miniature line. What tools do we use? The important of contrast. Thinking in advance the fighting styles, etc.



Ryan from OnTableTop / Beasts of War was really interested in learning more about this creative process, and did a new interview with Benoit. The man behind Raging Heroes shared again some really interesting details.

Here's an excerpt of the interview, and you can read the full article by Ryan here.

Ryan - You talk about adding dimension to each model through contrasting themes. How do you arrive on these themes or concepts? What have been some of the most challenging oppositions to represent in a model?

Benoit - Usually, one of those themes is here already to begin. We have one to start from, and then we try to bring contrast to it. The thing is to try to make that contrast not too obvious. If it can be somewhat subtle it is even more interesting, like with Dr Von X for example. This idea of having a dark character making clinical experiments is very dark and we didn't want her to be too dark. So we wanted to bring something really at the opposite of this dark character, in a funny way. That’s how we came up with this idea of the old lady who could be your grandmother, like if your granny was some sort of unrealistic nazi doctor. This way, even if part of the character is really dark, we get something that is not too heavy, too real or serious. [...]

R - One of the most important things you mention is how even the simplest details can take days of hard work: an idea doesn't arrive fully formed on the page. In your experience, how have you developed the tools to take the creative vision from your mind onto the final project?

B - Obviously, it’s a long process. You develop your own vision throughout years of experience and training and looking at other people’s work and stuff like that. I have a very personal theory on all this, I’m even working on a book that maybe I will publish someday on how I work on those things. To me it relies on a few key principles: [...]


Click here to read the full interview! 


More insights about the Raging Heroes design process: the Hell Riders

If you are interested to read another design article and digging into the details behind each character, you might like this one! Benoit explains the process of creating the Hell Riders, the biker version of our famous Daughters of The Crucible:


Do you have suggestions for the next design video/article?

Now tell us if there's a specific character or army you would like Benoit to cover, sharing insights about the conception and design.

Post your suggestions in comments here or in our Facebook Group there.


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