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TGG2: Update 56 - Opening of the Pledge Manager

June 25, 2016 5 min read

This is very important information, so please make sure you read the entire update carefully to ensure that you get your Rewards as quickly as possible.

When the Pledge Manager goes live, if you see a problem with your account, please get in touch with me via private message, via email ( or via the Pledge Manager's Live Chat and we'll find a solution.

When will I have access to the Pledge Manager?

Before you can connect to the pledge manager, we need to collect your Shipping Fee.

So, BEFORE you can access the Pledge Manager, you need to purchase your shipping credit on

  • 1. There, please Select the Shipping Fee for your region, Add it to your Cart, Proceed to Checkout and Pay. 
  • 2. When we receive it, we will INCREASE your Pledge Manager Store Credit by the amount you just paid. 
  • 3. Then, we will give you access to the TGG2 miniatures in our Pledge Manager (PM) as per the following schedule:

Buy Shipping Fee by June 27, 11AM GMT - Access PM on June 28, 1PM GMT
Buy Shipping Fee by June 29, 11AMGMT - Access PM on June 30, 1PM GMT
Buy Shipping Fee by July 4, 11AM GMT - Access PM on July 5, 1PM GMT
Buy Shipping Fee byJuly 7, 11AM GMT - Access PM on July 8, 1PM GMT

Keep reading for more info on this.

Pledge Manager

→ How long will the Pledge Manager be open?

Until Monday July 11.

→ When do I get my minis?

We will begin shipping the Freebies together with any other miniatures in stock beginning June 30th. 

We will ship on a First Come, First Served basis. So the earlier you complete your Pledge Manager, the earlier we will ship what is available.

Since there are so many backers, this will be spread over several days. 

Also, as new sets of minis are regularly delivered to our offices, we may hold back your package for a few additional days if we see that some of your selection is about to be sent to us by the foundry. This way, we make sure you get as much goodness as possible in this first parcel.

→ How does the Pledge Manager work?

The Pledge Manager is quite efficient and user-friendly, and it is set-up like a real regular webshop.

When you sign into the Pledge Manager, you'll see that you have your very own 'Store Credit' which has been calculated just for you and is based on the amount you pledged.

This total amount will also include the Shipping Fee that you are about to pay. At the time of checkout, you'll have to allocate this shipping amount to the shipping section of the checkout page.

Before that, to select your reward, all you'll have to do is fill your cart with the minis that you want, and use your Store Credit to pay for it.

If you grabbed more minis than what your store credit allows, then you'll be taken to a payment page to pay for the additional minis you chose.

→ What if I want more minis?

If you want more minis than what your Store Credit allows you to get, that's not a problem. Just add everything you want to your cart. At checkout time, you'll first pay your total amount due with your Store Credit, then, you will be directed to a payment page to pay for the rest.

→ Where is the Pledge Manager, and how do I connect with it?

  • 1. The Pledge Manager is located at
  • 2. DO NOT create an account there. If you do, this will only slow down the process for you. 
  • 3. Once you have paid your shipping fee, we will unlock the Pledge Manager for you as per the schedule noted above.
  • 4. Only at that time will you be able to Sign In and view all the TGG2 miniatures. 
  • 5. All the information on how to sign in and use the pledge manager is here.
  • 6. Once again, remember: DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT there.

→ What kind of bases are provided with the miniatures?

In the TGG2 Kickstarter, whenever bases are provided with miniatures, they will be ROUND bases, except for some cavalry items which will have rectangular 25x50mm bases.

But if you need SQUARE bases, or more Cavalry bases, we've got you covered. You will be able to purchase packs of 20mm square bases, 25mm square bases, and 25 x 50 Cavalry bases right in the Pledge Manager at a super cool price. And the bigger the pack, the better the deal! You'll find them in the Add-ons section. 


→ Shipping Costs

The shipping fee covers more than shipping. It also includes handling, packing, and packaging materials.

As before, the shipping fee is collected upfront. Once it is paid, you will have access to the Pledge Manager according to this schedule.

The TGG2 Shipping Fee is 

  • $13 for France
  • $22 for the European Union and UK and Switzerland
  • $25 for the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Norway
  • $28 for the Rest of the World

→ I just want One Heroine. Why is my shipping so high?

If you end up getting only one Heroine, you still need to pay for your full shipping fee. However, once your miniature has shipped, we will refund you 50% of your shipping fee.

→ 2 Shipments for the Price of 1!

As mentioned in a previous update, to thank you for your amazing support and your patience, as the delivery of the Kickstarter Rewards will take longer than originally planned, we are offering you one extra shipment for free!

Therefore, you'll get your hands on everything that's already available late June (which includes all the Freebies), and you'll get a second shipment when the rest of your Rewards Selection is ready.

→ Why, when I checkout at, the Pledge Manager asks me to pay for shipping since I have already paid the shipping fee before entering the Pledge Manager?

This is normal. Once you paid the shipping fee, we added it to your total Store Credit. So, the amount you have showing as your Store Credit includes the money you paid for your shipping fee. We just need you to manually re-allocate this sum at Checkout time. (It's a bit convoluted, but there was not better solution to deal with shipping.)

→ What if I want additional shipments?

You will be able to buy additional shipments if you don't want to wait for all your minis to be ready before they are sent to you. We will give you info on how to do this in a few weeks.

→ Drop Ships?

For those of you who pledged on our first Kickstarter, you may wonder about the Drop Ship option. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the Drop Ship option for the TGG2 Kickstarter. After careful consideration, we had to admit that the logistics of it required too many resources, and we could not afford to do it for this project. But we hope to bring this back on future Kickstarters.

→ I'm going to be away when you ship / I'm moving / I don't yet have an address for you...

No problem. When you Checkout of the Pledge Manager, enter your address exactly this way: 

  • Name: enter Your name 
  • Street: write DO NOT SHIP 
  • City: write DO NOT SHIP 
  • Postal Code: 00000 (or any other if that doesn't work) 
  • Country: enter the country where we will ship your Rewards 

Then, contact us when you are ready to receive your shipment and give us your correct address.

Questions? Please contact us directly via private message, or Live Chat, or email to

Please note, however, that as everyone worked extremely hard and non-stop to finish all the Troops, the whole team is off for the week-end and some well-deserved R&R. We will of course reply to your messages on Monday!

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