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September 14, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

Most of the time, the models we design look even better in real life. And our new mounted Furiann heroine Krezia The Black on Oriniax is no exception: what a miniature! She's massive, and beautiful. 

We've got new photos and a video below, but first, we asked you on Facebook what were your plans for this character, and here's some of your comments.

Obviously, many of you are thinking about a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount for Warhammer 40K. Indeed, Krezia would join the Forces of Chaos as a Champion or Commander. On the Warhammer Fantasy side, it was suggested as a Wood Elf General. In Fantasy Role-play, thhere was mention of a Leader of the Hellhunt Chaos warband, or also for Warcry Warbands. 

"Chaos warband leader but themed toward a variant of the Celtic Wild Hunt" wrote Scott, inspired by the Oriniax. Audrey is even thinking about a Drow Warband Leader for her campaign. A few suggested Wild Druid Warrior, Lord of Discordant, or Mounted Barbarian.

Several Ninth Age players are thinking about a Barbarian Chief on a Shadow Chaser.

And finally, John_w_music kind of sum it up with: "Just an independent bad ass!"

Awe-inspiring Krezia the Black is a leader of the Furianns tribe. She is mounted on a newfound beast, the Oriniax, a massive wild animal that only tribeswomen are able to tame. This imposing miniature stands 88mm high. From end-to end, she is 70mm long.

Right now, we also got a deal on Krezia the Black and the Furianns, check it out!


Don't hesitate to share your comments and tell us how you're planning to paint and use this model! 

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September 23, 2019

love it, id use it as a wood elf general for 5th edition warhammer, just not sure on base size. ps make woodelf bowmen, and some wardancers please, your figures are always brilliant!

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