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September 17, 2019 1 min read

Dear WarStages backer,

Finally, after many days of rough seas, we see the land!

Negotiations with our supplier are finally over and we managed to set up a win-win situation for everybody. It has taken several months of work and a lot of effort on both parts but we are finally there and so the manufacturing is on!

The estimated date of delivery at the manufacturer’s door is around the 30th of November as our supplier will do everything they can to make the process super efficient.

But we’ll have some stuff to show you before that date as we will receive prototypes and samples as the manufacturing moves forward.

I am happy to say that our contact in this Chinese company is a super efficient and competent lady who has been a pleasure to work with and who has done everything she could to resolve the situation and make things work as fast as possible. No doubt, she is a real Toughest Girl of the Galaxy!

Also, as their team will be in Europe in October, they will come and visit us at our offices at the end of October. This will be a perfect opportunity to strengthen our working relationship for WarStages and for future projects and to learn more about their processes and the things we can work on together.

So once again we want to thank you for your patience and your support.
We will soon be celebrating.
We’ll keep you posted with more info as soon as we have new news from the manufacturer.

All the best,

Benoit and Mireille

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