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April 17, 2020 1 min read

Painting miniatures: Erzebel, Ascended Sister, Great Seraphim

Ascended Sister ERZEBEL, Great Seraphim, is our insanely popular huge angel whose wing tips are 140mm from the ground! It's definitely a blast to paint and a great project, going through these majestic feather wings.

SALE: Erzebel is currently featured in several epic packs in our Limited Easter Collection, also featuring collector miniatures, get yourself a deal here!

Here's a selection of photos of Erzebel painted we found on the web, we hope these will inspire you to pick up a good color-scheme and start painting yours!



By Le Toy Miniature:

By Joakim Johansson: 

By Waldo X / German Garcia Gonzalez:

By Jason Pitch: 


By Yaroslav / MadFly-Art:

By Chris Miller:

By Mathieu Fontaine:

By Sik Willy:


By Pyry J.:

By Kourat Drhui:

And here's a photo the full army painted by Kourat featuring Erzebel but also our Icariates with Angels wings, the Knights of the Chalice, the Mounted Knights, Sol-Sarya and Mona de Costemore it can gives you a better idea of her size. And his comment: " An army of ladies ! This commission was really great to do. The miniature from TGG2 are really awesome and in an army they are even more." :

 By Wellforged Gaming:

 By Claudia Zuminich:


We hope you enjoyed this selection and that it will inspire you to pick up the brushes! Subscribe to our newsletter for more content and updates!

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