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March 04, 2021 2 min read

This week we launch March's Patreon collection.

Greek God and Heroes of Olympus

It has been super exciting to sculpt this month's Patreon collection. Having a theme that people know so well and ensuring we still put the Raging Heroes spin on it has been fun. While working on the project it was funny how the team all gravitated towards Greek themed movies and music, and that gave us an idea.

We want to show off what has been entertaining us as we created this collection, and give you some inspiration while you play around with these files and set up your prints!


Hollywood LOVES Greek mythology and history... even if they don't always portray the stories and characters as they are in the original material.

The Classics

Nobody can argue that The 300 Spartans, Clash of the Titans, and Jason and the Argonauts are not pure classics. Massed battles, tomato ketchup blood and some of the best stop motion animations. Animation that captured our imaginations so vividly that the main set pieces are still fresh in our heads decades after first seeing it. 


1000% More Muscle

The era of unadulterated, must-be-photoshopped, oiled-to-a-sheen muscle. Not forgetting the armour would leave you feeling short changed if you got as the free gift in a cereal box. Never the less, 300, 300 Rise of an Empire, and Hercules (not the Disney one) are great action flicks. Violent, over the top, but all stand out for how they tell their stories with style.

The Favourite 

My personal favourite has to be Alexander. Although technically he was Macedonian his empire did encompass the majority of Greece, and you can't beat a good couple of hours entertainment from Oliver Stone. I recently went back and re-watched the extended version... What a film! 

Its full of action and pretty gory violence, mixed in with some palace intrigue and lathered with modern day morals to paint Alexander as a hero, not some tyrant who invaded countries from Greece to India and back.

The film is packed with brilliant armour and weapons, great battle scenes, and characters as intense as the colours they are surrounded by. Plus the horse, Bucephalus, is cool!


If you are hyped for all thing Ancient Greek but still haven't seen this month's Patreon release, you can check it out here!

What is your favourite Ancient Greek film?
And what will you be watching while you set up and print this month's amazing collection? 

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