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June 04, 2020 1 min read

Finally! The Pirates are available + new free mini!

Batten down the hatches! Leonius and his crew are finally invading our webshop, order your Pirates figurines now!

These fantastic Pirates were originally released in our Patreon as STL files for 3D Printable models. But many of you asked for a regular release in the shop, so finally, here they are!

Shop for the Pirates of The White Sea here!



BirdEye Bonnie


ZassaryahMadWren the Cannoneer

GertrudeGreywir GoldLil Lola

A new free mini: Otto !

And here's a special bonus for you sailors! For all orders over 99 euros, we are giving you this adorable model for free: meet Otto

Otto Free Mini

Otto is one of the nine Sister Minions, but he suddenly decided to escape from the Sisters and become a Pirate apprentice...

Watch the video!

A closer look at these beautiful models!


Photos of the Pirates printed and painted

The Pirates of the White Sea were first released in our Patreon for 3D printable files, and our Patrons already printed and painted them, this post will give you a better idea of how they look! 

Brooks McClary

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