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January 29, 2019 1 min read

New release: EXECUTRIX!
Don't mess with the most dangerous women in the Void...

Finally available in Troops and Command Group!
New release in our Sci-Fi Elves, the awaited Executrix have arrived!
It's time to build that badass Void Elves squad: order your EXECUTRIX now!

What if you add the Hunters or Blood Vestals?

You'll make a great deal! We're bringing back these super popular packs featuring the Executrix for those of you interested in building an army with our Void Elves:


The Executrix Champion: Sephea

Her fighting skills quickly made her achieve the title of Champion. She is already ranking among the most popular TGG2 heroines: meet Sephea! Here's one painted by Dr.Mathias (source: Miniature Extravaganza Blogspot).


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