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July 27, 2020 2 min read

NOTE: This post is related to Heroes Infinite, our Patreon Campaign for 3D Printable figurines. What's a Patreon? It's a membership platform where you - as a patron - support artists and creators: subscribe to our projectand get access to new files and content every month! Learn more about this project here!

Epic Model 1 - Patrons Loyalty Reward: Meet the gigantic Chaos Dragon:  Kn’a Larr! 

Dear Patrons,

We’re very excited to introduce the first GIFT to thank you for your loyalty: meet the giganticChaos Dragon Kn’a Larr

This epic reward model is available to everyone who has been a Patron forat least three months, starting from April or May

Note: If you only joined us in June, make sure that you stay with us in August and you’ll receive an invitation to download the file between August 5 and 10. 

To deliver the file for this model, we have partnered, so check your emails: you will find a message from MyMiniFactory with the instructions. Access to this model file is of course 100% free and will remain available in your MMF Library, possibly for eternity...

PATRONS: If you have not yet received the email from MyMiniFactory:
  • 1 - Make sure you are eligible for the reward: you need to be a Heroes Infinite Patron for at least 3 months;
  • 2 - Check your SPAM folder (important);
  • 3 - Log using your most active account onMyMiniFactory. If you do not have an account please create one with your preferred email
  • 4 - Still nothing? Message us and we will confirm your status and, if eligible, we will provide you with a link.

What are your thoughts?

Already have some thoughts on what you’ll be doing with this beast? DO share them below with the entire community! And hey, if this inspires you to to imagine another cool reward for September, don’t be shy!

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