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March 27, 2021 2 min read

Egg-citing games for Easter

Easter can be the perfect time to grab Family and Friends and play some silly games around the table.

Check out a pair of our tabletop gaming ideas!

Protect/Steal The Egg - RPG Adventure

Depending on how heroic or devious your playing group is they may want to either protect or steal a rare egg held up as a symbol of a local ruler's authority, or a regions good fortune. 

Run a daring heist, sneaking past guards and picking locks to steal this priceless egg. Perhaps your party runs into a rival thief on their own mission to snaffle the egg.

Or do you run with an honest and pure band of true adventurers? Maybe they want to try to defend this fantastical egg from rumours of an impending robbery, have them go up against an incredibly powerful rogue to see who prevails.


The Classic Easter Egg Hunt - Tabletop Wargames

An easy way to update any gaming system, for any amount of players, with small tweaks to fit your situation. 

The way it has worked best for us in the past is grab as many players as possible, each with a unit sized force.

Board: A gaming board that is big enough to each player a safe starting position (you don't want people to get blown off the board before getting a turn). Plenty of cover and buildings help people focus on egg hunting rather than just all out fighting.

Force: A small unit each. Can also include a hero to lead each force if the player numbers aren't too high. 

Set Up: Place a number of tokens on the battlefield equal to double the number of players. Start in the centre of the board and work outwards placing the tokens. The distance between them should be the game's average infantry movement speed (so for Warhammer 40,000 6 inches between tokens). 

Game rules: Each time a unit moves within 1 inch of a token, get the player to roll a dice. on the 3+ the token marked the location of an Easter egg. The game ends when all tokens have been collected or only 1 player is left. add up the totals to see who won. 


Get Tooled Up Ready For Easter Themed Games!

Rabbit Lulu and Kwapek the Minion are perfect to run with these Easter games, great for Easter painting projects, or even as an Easter gift for that hobbyist in your life. 

Available right now when bought with two Limited Edition Easter Exclusives


 Don't forget to jump onto our social channels and let us know your Easter tabletop gaming ideas!

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