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Hunt Out These Limited Edition Packs This Easter!

March 24, 2021 2 min read

Hunt Out These Limited Edition Packs This Easter!

Brand New Limited Edition Easter Packs!

Available right now, you can grab these two exclusive collections, save an incredible amount, AND we'll even give you brilliant Easter themed miniatures!

These two limited edition packs will only be available over the Easter holidays!

Grab your pack today and don't miss out on the chance to run amazing tabletop Easter Egg Hunts with your family and friends!


Resurrection Force

In this collection you can pick up our recently released, all new Angels! Part of an army pack for the very first time!

Absolutely incredibly detailed, epically sized, and in unmistakably Raging Heroes kick-ass dynamic poses!

Get your hands on this Angelic war-host!

11 incredible Angel warriors led by the Great Seraphim herself, Erzebel. Ready to swoop down and wipe any foul and infest battlefield clear!

Rabbit Lulu

Of course, how could we fail to mention the adorable Rabbit Lulu! Grab the Resurrection pack now and we will include Rabbit Lulu. Precocious, curious, and someone who can cause some serious trouble with a wooden sword!

She is perfect for running Easter themed tabletop games, and spending quality painting time with family and friends this Easter holiday!

Get Your Limited Edition Pack Now!

 The Resurrection Force is an absolutely insane deal, jam packed with beautiful models that will be the centre of attention in any display case or tabletop!

You would be mad to miss out on this crazy deal, saving 40% off the normal price AND getting an Easter exclusive!


Minions Collector

Collected together here in a single pack are all seven minions. Familiars, doing the bidding of any Sister that commands them.

The possibilities for theses epic little creatures are vast. From brilliant display minis to unique gaming pieces, and from incredible basing details to a wonderous diorama, and anything you can think of. 

Amazingly weird and wonderful miniatures, as detailed and full of character as any other Raging Heroes model. 

Get your hands on every Minion now!

Perfect for the completionist inside all of us. Grab this pack now to collect Babush, Beedle, Kapok, Krudle, Kwapek, Otto, and Nope.

Kwapek's Little Friend

How could we call this collection complete without the two exclusive Kwapek miniatures! Send Kwapek scuttling around your tabletop with his Egg and his Dragon.

Run the strangest Easter themed tabletop games as Kwapek rushes around stealing, hiding, or perhaps protecting his egg and Dragon!

Get Your Limited Edition Pack Now!

 The Minions Collector pack is a deal you really shouldn't miss out on. Not only does it contain all 7 minions, but for this limited time it also includes 2 exclusive minions you cannot get anywhere else!

Add a touch of the weird and magnificent to you tabletop or display case for less thank half price, AND getting an Easter exclusive!

Who is your favourite?

As their creators we couldn't possibly choose a favorite child... familiar... minion... thing, but let us know who your favourite Minion is!

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