NEW RELEASE OUT TODAY! All New Icariates - Raging Heroes

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March 30, 2021 2 min read

Brand New Release Out Today!

Add an amazing amount of character to your tabletop army!

Beat your opponent before you even start playing, with the most beautiful miniatures around!

Icariate Ablazers

Fearless jump troops for Sisters of Eternal Mercy

Grab Your New Icariates Today!

These courageous warriors fly into battle with their ornate cybernetically enhanced wings. Adrenaline coursing through their veins, rushing to bring a cavalcade of deadly, custom pistols to bear against any evil to stand against them!

Check Out These Amazing New Sculpts!

More Epic

Each Icariate is taller and bulkier, designed to fit in with your existing armies after listening to your feedback. Bring more epicness to your table top with these new incredible troops!

New Wings

With bigger, more detailed, feathered wings each new Icariate looks deadlier than ever, capturing their speed as they drop onto an enemy.

More Weapon Customizations

New guns and blades add more options to this unit to you can kit out your warriors in whatever way you want!

More Decoration and Detail

The new Icariates come with better detail and more decoration on each and every warrior. More detailed heads and helmets to create an epic focus for each model, together with updated armour and clothing adds up to a total redesign of these amazing jump troops!

Grab Your New Icariates Today!

Build your Crusading force today!

Its the perfect time to start building an almighty force for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy!

Grab these incredible jump troops in an army pack and get ridiculously crazy savings as well as a huge amount of amazing miniatures!

With packs to suite whatever army you wish to make, from entire crusading armies, to elite winged reinforcements, there is definitely a pack to help you unleash a holy rage against your opponents!

Grab Your New Icariates Today!

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