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December 05, 2020 1 min read

It is here!
Powerful magic bursting forth to cast a spell over your festive period!

You can now experience exactly what it would be like to spend your Christmas in a mysterious and enchanted Wizard’s school.

You will not be able to break through the ancient warding incantations on your own. To unlock access to these powerful and enigmatic curiosities you will need to enlist your entire family to brave this adventure with you. 

Before you can explore this wondrous place, you will also need to choose the type of magic user you are:

  • Are you a Conjurer, just stepping out on your enchanted journey, innately magical with skills that allow you to control raw, untamed spells?
  • You could be a seasoned and scholarly Sorcerer, with command over many hexes and curses, looking to discover another piece of the secret histories!
  • Or are you a mighty, all powerful Wizard, with mastery of the arcane arts, keeper of unknowable knowledge, a famous and revered magic user?

Head over to The Campaign Page now

Discover the intricate treasures we have created so you and your loved ones can build, paint and cook something enchanting together this Christmas!


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