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February 26, 2021 4 min read

You've printed all these epic Vampire miniatures from this months Heroes Infinite.

A full coven of powerful, seductive and secretive creatures sit waiting... now what?

It's time to run an epic adventure, of course!

Maybe one of your adventuring party wants to run a Vampire character full of flavour and vampiric skills.

Perhaps your party enters a land blighted with the curse of the Vampire. Navigating mysterious disappearances and secretive court intrigue to uncover the truth.

Or maybe its both, and a Vampire adventurer comes to claim their dominion, overthrowing the current coven's ruler. 

Whatever it is you need, we have gathered some brilliant resources to help you run the most blood chilling adventure possible.


We found a pair of great Character guides to help you, or a member of your adventuring group, embody whatever type of Vampire wanted.

D&D Beyond - Dhampir

Poised between the worlds of the living and the dead, dhampirs retain their grip on life yet are endlessly tested by vicious hungers. Their ties to the undead grant dhampirs a taste of a vampire’s deathless prowess in the form of increased speed, darkvision, and a life-draining bite. With unique insights into the nature of the undead, many dhampirs turn to the lives of adventurers and monster hunters. Their reasons are often deeply personal. Some seek danger, imagining monsters as personifications of their own hungers. Others pursue revenge against whatever turned them into a dhampir. And still others embrace the solitude of the hunt, striving to distance themselves from those who’d tempt their hunger.

A set of playtesting rules (so they are a work in progress) that includes a table for the type of "hunger" you feel, and with details on different origins and traits.

D&D 5E - Vampire Class and Custom Backgrounds

A vampire woman stares at the blood dripping from the hand of the criminal who just killed one of the guards working in her tavern. Unable to resist, she leaps onto his back and sinks her teeth into his neck as he frantically tries to shake her off. When the criminal’s partner finally manages to break her hold on him, the criminal falls to the ground and speaks one final expletive before he dies.

A really indepth set of rules including varied background options, bloodlines and some detailed authors notes. A thorough look at a Vampire for 5th Edition.


Many great Vampire adventures use the Curse of Stradh module for D&D, or White Wolf publishing's Vampire, the Masquerade or Vampire, the Requiem. But as always, there are many other ways to set up epic tales for your adventurers to experience. 

With so many pop culture and modern literature references to Vampires is can sometimes feel difficult to break away from "standard" Vampires, removing the tension and mystery of the unknown for you players.

Often the best way to break away from these modern tropes we all know so well is to head back to the earliest material, or even source material if there is any. 

Some of the earliest Vampires to appear in literature were poems from the 19th Century. 

Der Vampir, by Heinrich August Ossenfelder, 1748 (although technically about Death and not a Vampire)
The Bride of Corinth, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1797

These pair make a great foundation for scene setting, some creepy inscription or a speech from the main villain.

From my grave to wander I am forc'd
Still to seek The God's long-sever'd link,
Still to love the bridegroom I have lost,
And the life-blood of his heart to drink


 Alternatively, you can't go far wrong with the immense amount of content on D&D and Tabletop RPG sites. It didn't take us long when we started out search to find a short story that would be great as a setting for a gaming session. 

Vampires, By Lily Flower

This could easily be the lead into your adventure. Part of a primer you give to your players prior to the session to help build the anticipation, or even have it broken down to form the entire first part of the session.

The last piece of content we wanted to include has a title that just struck a cord with us. As we always strive to forge our own path, and put our take on anything we do, steering clear of the obvious and the cliche is a default setting for us. 

How to Use Vampires Without The Cliche, on Halfling Hobbies

A great article, containing an absolute treasure trove of helpful ideas, tips and links to some great videos. Halfling Hannah has put together a really handy guide, something that you can use as much or as little as you like. But even if you just take 1 or 2 of their ideas it will enhance that adventure by an order of magnitude!

Have you ran a great Vampire adventure? Do you have any handy resources you use when planning a sinister, creepy adventure? Then let us know so we can spread the knowledge for future resource guides. 

Need some Vampires to run an adventure now that you are full of epic ideas?

Head over to our Patreon before the end of February to access 

A Dance with the Vampires

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