Contest Winner 2 - The gangs have got her, assemble a rescue team...

It’s time to announce the 2nd lucky winner!

Day 2 of our contest saw Heleria Drakenfeld, Regulatrix up for grabs!

She’s another figure who inspired a diverse range of suggestions, with everything from “Adepta Sororitas Sisters of Battle Canoness” proxy to “leading a squad of space Prussians in Song of Blades and Heroes”... I admit I had to Google that second one, but that’s exactly why we make our minis, so you can use them in any game you want!

In case you missed yesterday’s info, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

We had Adam Uretschlager who said:

I would likely use this mini For the Shadowrun game as a Street Samurai that specializes in heavy weaponry, probably working as a house guard for one of the major corporations. Either that or maybe for Dark Heresy as a figure representing again a heavy weapons officer.

There are a few roleplayers on our team, so it’s great to see RPG’s getting some love! We agree too, her stoic pose lends itself quite well to standing behind Mr Johnson, looking menacing!

Fumiki with:

Fantastic looking miniature. She would make a great addition to any guard army as a character model or would fit nicely in a Death Korps of Krieg themed army. Definitely worth a look in.

The entire Iron Empire range has a strong Prussian and Germanic, so we can see exactly where you’re going with this one, not sure how long that nice clean uniform would last in the mud though!

Patrick Fish with:

So stoic, and a truly awesome pose. I could easily see using her as an Exarch in a squad of dire avengers from 40k.

With no ears on show and her elfish looks, we can certainly see her following the warriors path.

Kevin Guillotin with:

As usual I'd like to use her in a sisters army for 40k, or as an inquisitor, but well, I'd rather paint her, such an amazing model :)

Thanks Kevin, we’ll pass on your compliments to the sculptor!

The lucky winner however is Christoph Szopka with:

I'd use her as a mission objective in Necromunda: A noblewoman from the Spyre who needs to be defended from or kidnapped by the underhive gangs of the players.

It would have to be a brave gang to kidnap Heleria, as she can do a pretty good job of looking after herself… unless it was all part of her plan?

Congratulations Christoph!

OK, start the fireworks!
What’s this? A letter saying that although fireworks are really popular, the company we buy them from has discontinued them… what?!?
Right then, we’ll find a new supplier and you’ll definitely get them next time!

Tune in again tomorrow for the next winner!


Jon Simpson

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