Contest Winner 3 - Inspirational Sisters

It’s time to announce the 3rd lucky winner!

Day 3 of our contest saw the Kurganova People's Legion Command Group and Troops up for grabs. 

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

Pat said:

They would work great as Gue'vesa Fire Warriors.

Proxy Tau... we love original ideas like this! The Kurganova's Eastern European theme lends them perfectly to the ideas of "the greater good" too. Good thinking!

Richard with:

Ladies who show the xenos scum how to fight as a proper human being! They would really bring the fury of humankind to any enemy of the Imperium in my Cadian Warhammer 40k army.

Proxy Imperial Guard was a popular suggestion across all our models, but we liked Richards' passion and fire!

Gergo Hargitai with:

These minis would fit into my Warzone Imperial army as elite troopers commander. Or possibly into AvP as a marines. 

The way the soldier in the middle of the Troops box is rocking that flamer, does indeed bring alien bug hunting and the fear of increasing motion tracker clicks to mind! 

Nicholas Petrie with:

WARRIOR WOMEN, FINALLY! In an industry where women, if they are shown in a military context, are normally shown as sex symbols, it is incredibly refreshing to see women who are obviously women but are not showing exposed skin everywhere.

This kit makes me feel that these women have been in battle, expect to be in battle again and are not going to reduce their effectiveness by exposing themselves to risk. It is truly refreshing to see hard scifi female warriors represented in such a way.

We really appreciated this comment. We supply a varied range of female figures, some more cinematic than others and it's great to see people noticing that we don't only do chain mail bikinis!

Patrick with:

Building a 30k army, these would work beautifully as part of a Solar Auxiliara force...

It's great how so many sci-fi settings leave their background open enough to make any level of tech possible. The grimdark mix of future and past makes this an even more viable option! 

The lucky winner however is Freeman Faust with their epic post:

I would use these as well as the troops in Warhammer 40,000 as Astra Militarum (Imperial Guards-women).

My daughter loves painting miniatures and playing simplified 40k games with me.... but apart from $90 a squad Adeptus Sororitas or extra evil (and super hard to use) Dark Eldar, she has no female miniatures in that game system to represent her heroes and warriors.

With these, which I will buy eventually even if I don't win your contest, she can have squads of awesome looking women who are just as tough as any man. These are some of the best looking female miniatures available, and they aren't totally cheesecake.

I don't have to worry when I present these to her that she will place any value on being an unobtainable sex symbol - these women are beautiful and even sexy... but mostly they look like they can kick butts and take names.

And, in case you are wondering, yes we will be buying your sci fi Sisters when they come out. I just wish I'd had the money to contribute to your kickstarter, :).

We got a lot of comments on proxy Sisters of Battle, but this one had a lot of heart and similar to Nicholas Petrie's entry above, we like it when our miniatures stand out from the crowd.

Congratulations Freeman Faust!

OK... so we had some fireworks, but apparently Foxy Dynamite checked them all out of the stores last night and no one has seen her since... I'm sure she'll be back tomorrow though and everything will be fine... hopefully.

Tune in again tomorrow for the next winner!


Jon Simpson

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