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2 new heads for Brunhilde on a war steed...

March 14, 2013 2 min read

--> Edit 3/16/2013: Now on pre-order! <--

We received over 400 responses to our survey on Brunhilde von Königsmark mounted on a war steed. THANK YOU!!!!

Apparently, we've hit a sweet spot since many of you seem to have been waiting for this kind of mini for a long time.

Your feedback was very instructive too. Read on below the image for how we adapted the mini to your comments and requests.

The biggest comment was about the Flamberge sword that many found a bit too much for a mounted character. So we changed it to a more regular sword.

Another pertinent remark was about Brunhilde's head. Since many of you already have Brunhilde as a footman character and since half of the people who answered the poll want to buy the two mounted versions (with shield and with banner), many of you asked for an additional head option.
So we decided to go a bit overboard and provide not one, but two alternate heads.

So, in each version, you'll get the original Brunhilde head, plus a helmeted head to go with the "shield" version, and a noble naked head with the "banner" version.

For cost reasons, to maintain the price as low as possible, we decided to attach Brunhilde's lower body to the horse. We know that some of you would probably like to have the two as separate pieces, but this would drive up the price unnecessarily.

Some asked about how she would fit in a unit on a wargame table. It's a logical question with a miniature of this size and amplitude. So we took great care to insure that, while maintaining her pose and overall silhouette, she would not get too much in the way of other ranking minis.

Also to give the horse a strong posing, we decided not to go with the regular cavalry way of slotting the mini into the base (which tends to make the horses look like they are, shall we say, squeezing their buttocks together). Instead, we put a peg under each of its rear feet so that we could keep its hindquarters spread apart. So you'll have to drill two little holes in the plastic base to make them fit. Nothing too complicated.

So Brunhilde is now ready to go to battle and she will be available in pre-order at a special limited offer launch price for the first 100 in our online shop tomorrow. Don't miss it !! She'll first be announced on this blog and on our Facebook page. You can also "Friend" us to have a better chance to see the update in your Facebook timeline.

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