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November 26, 2015 1 min read

Note: Post Edited on Dec 1, 2015

We have a very special treat for you for this Black Friday week-end!

First, from November 26 to December 1 December 3, get 15% OFF your entire order with the discount code NowYouSeeThem15
Just enter this code when you check out.

But there's more!!! During these same five days, you can buy a very select list of unreleased Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (TGG). Most of these minis will not be available to buy for several more weeks, if not months from now. 

This is a unique opportunity to get them before everyone else, and save at the same time!!!

All these characters are massive pieces that will make truly special Holiday gifts. And yes, you do deserve a gift or ten!!!

Here is the list of these very special minis:

  • Nepharya, the Iron Empire Necro-Priestess, probably the most anticipated TGG1 miniature
  • Kiki Bulldozer, the ogress-sized Jailbirds "cutie"
  • The 4 Kurganova WereSheWolves, 4 gigantic female werewolves
  • The Jailbirds, Iron Empire, and Kurganova (KST) Mechas, our biggest vehicles to-date.

These minis are so much outside of our regular release schedule that they don't even have their own packaging yet, so they will come to you in a plain simple (but sturdy) box.

Hurry! Now you see them, by December 2 December 4, you won't!

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