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Asharah SF and Ivanka now in stock

September 08, 2011 1 min read

We are happy to announce that the shipments of Kapitan Ivanka and Asharah SF have now begun!

We've had a substantial amount of pre-orders, and are currently filling those orders first, but new orders will start shipping within the next few days.

To make things faster, we chose not to wait for the painting of the minis to be done, and so this first run of Asharah SF and Ivanka are shipping in blisters with a specially-made ID card.

We couldn't help notice that these two ladies are already exceedingly popular, and so we caught ourselves wondering about having them as mounted characters... We can already see Ivanka on a thundering bike, or perhaps barking orders on top of a small super deformed mini tank (as someone suggested on a forum). We'd love to hear your comments on this topic, both for Ivanka and for Asharah SF...

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