TGG2 - UPDATE #25 – Sculpting Progress + Test Prints + New Renders + Bonus Unlocks + AMA

As promised, here is our monthly Update, and things are moving well!

But first, unlock the Sorceress! Simply go to our Facebook page, and share the post with this image of the Sorceress. If the post gets 300 shares, we will unlock The Sorceress for both Dark Elves (Fantasy) and Void Elves (SciFi)!

You can unlock this!
You can unlock this!

Sculpting Progress

By the end of next week, these sculpts will be finished:

  • 5 Mantis Warriors – Command Group (Lust Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Troops) 
  • 5 Mantis Warriors – Troops (Lust Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Troops) 
  • Doralys, Virgin Oracle (Sisters – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Kraash (Dark Elves – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Kraash (Void Elves – SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Lady Darkryss (Dark Elves – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Lady Darkryss (Void Elves – SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Santa Dolores, The Lady of Sorrow, Psychic Seer (Sisters – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Santa Dolores, The Lady of Sorrow, Psychic Seer (Sisters – SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Shaliah, Death Dancer Soloist (Lust Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Silkeeriss Hunter Pack Leader (Dark Elves – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Silkeeriss Hunter Pack Leader (Void Elves – SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Sister Celenia, Scout (Sisters – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • The Minions of the Sisters of the Orphanage (Sisters – Fantasy/SciFi)
  • Vanvyssah, Lust Elves General (Lust Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Vladimir the Virtous (Sisters' Mascot/Freebie)

The batch to be printed immediately afterwards will feature:

  • Asharah (Dark Elves – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Asharah (Void Elves – SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Liligrith, Exsanguinatrix (Lust Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Onyx, Master Assassin (Dark Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Sister Altarii (Sisters – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Sister Altarii (Sisters – SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Sister Ardanna, Pillar of the Faith (Sisters – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Sister Trematta, Field Resurectrix (Sisters – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Templar Ela Seraqui, Demon Slayer (Sisters – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Templar Ela Seraqui, Demon Slayer (Sisters – SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Zailith, Blood Vestal Secultrix (Dark Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine)


We all wanted to share more renders with you, but I did not want to hold back this Update. Properly preparing renders takes a lot of time and can easily delay an Update by several days. But this only means that we'll have more to share with you in our next Update :)

Another view of the second Mantis above, the one we call Doe
Another view of the second Mantis above, the one we call Doe.

More Sculpting News

So the lists above total 27 references that are going to the printer within the next two weeks. (A reference represents either a Heroine or a box of Troops.)

We also have about the same amount of references that are currently in a fairly advanced state. They will make up the following batches.

Another very big part of our work now is recruiting and training new sculptors to our methods. But that takes a lot of time, and can be quite frustrating.

Obviously, in general terms, the larger the team, the faster the sculpting of the full project. And so we are continually seeking new sculptors to work with us. But the work is challenging and, for various reasons, few are those who actually manage to meet the Raging Heroes miniatures needs, which requires a combination of sculpting skills, attention to details, technical proficiency, and an artistic eye. It's a lot of trail and error for us and for them, but as the team grows, it makes the completion of the project faster and more efficient.

New Test Prints

Because a 3D model is shown on a 2D screen and in a large size, it can never quite perfectly represent how the actual miniature will be. And so, as part of our sculpting process, we are now doing more test prints to better assess scale and tweak details. Because of the small size of the final miniature, 3D renders tend to create optical illusions that can cloud our perception. For example, most models look fatter and squatter in 3D.

We wanted to share with you a few of the test prints that we've done over the past few weeks. Some of them are really not showable, but we have selected a few that are close enough to the final thing. Please keep in mind that you'll see some strange stuff going on here, like missing details, snapped off elements, imperfect ball-joint connexions, etc.

As much as they are work-on-progress however, we do think that these pics are pretty exciting, and we just had to share them with you.

Our old Mantis are already very popular. We've sold many of them, and we're very found of these older sculpts. But when we compare them to the new version, well... the new ones are SO much better. They are also a bit larger than before, as the general consensus was that the older sculpts are a bit on the small side.

Shaliah, Death Dancer Soloist (Lust Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine)
Shaliah, Death Dancer Soloist (Lust Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine)

Test prints with a light coat of white primer
Test prints with a light coat of white primer

Bonus Unlocks

Want to unlock the Dark Sorceress? Well, you can!

If you haven't yet done so, please do go to our Facebook page, and SHARE the post with the image of the Sorceress. As soon as the post gets 300 shares, the two models for the Sorceress will be unlocked, one for the Dark Elves (Fantasy) and one for the Void Elves (SciFi)!

AMA – Ask Me Anything on Sculpting

Sculpting the minis is our main focus these days, so we thought we'd ask you to join in the fun! So, if you have any questions on sculpting Raging Heroes minis, please do write them in theComments under this Update, and we'll address them in a next Update.

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