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The return of Asharah

February 08, 2011 3 min read

Asharah Anniversary Edition

It's now been one year since we sent our first miniature Heroine Asharah to the 3D printer. You gave her a tremendous welcome, and her Limited Edition was sold out long ago. And yet, we keep receiving requests for her re-release. As it was Asharah's first birthday this past December, it seemed like the perfect time to bring out a new version of her.

Even more so, it was also time to at last step into the realm of science-fiction and offer you something for your futuristic games. And so, it's not one, but two Asharahs that we are about to release.

Asharah Anniversary Edition is already in stock. Click here to buy.

Sci-Fi Asharah is about done sculpting and will be available in late February.
We'll post some renderings of her in a few days.

The Asharah Anniversary Edition

As we stated on our website, our plan has always be to let our characters evolve and live through various versions and incarnations…

However, re-releasing a new version of Asharah was tricky since we wanted to preserve the uniqueness of the Limited Edition for the sake of Raging Heroes' early supporters. At first, it seemed a simple enough project: we'd change her posing, touch up her accessories, and voilà! But Asharah would not let us do that: try as we may, no new poses would do her justice… Every time, we felt we were losing her unique and powerful personality.

After many hours of work, we came to the obvious conclusion: we had to stay as close as possible to her original posing with her defiantly wide open arms and her catwalk stance and find other ways to make her slightly different.

In the end, her head position is changed to give her a more combative attitude. Her skirt and sleeves have been re-sculpted, with a more elegant flow, the body has more swing and the leg position has been switched. All minor adjustments that make her look the same yet different. We've also designed a new mage staff and shield that, while being very much in the spirit of the first version, bring a new twist. Finally, we decided that Asharah would now be provided with 4 weapons instead of 6 for the former Limited Edition.

We also have made her a wee bit shorter than the Limited Edition so that she better fit a 28mm army, because her ultra-high heels make her stand taller than most of her cohorts.

This new version is benefiting from a year of tweaking and bettering our production process. So she comes with ultra crisp details thanks to our new 3D printing technology and the great work done at the fabulous Griffin Moulds Foundry. The gorgeous painting job was done by minivince from Team Toulouse.

Finally we thought it would be nice to thank our first customers who bought the original 28mm Limited Edition a year ago and, for some of them, who waited a long time to receive their mini. So, we are currently in the process of reprinting two of the original heads of the Limited Edition with our new, high level of details. If you bought the original Asharah, click here to find out how to get an original Vampire or Dark Elf head free of charge with your next order from Raging Heroes.

On a side note, the 54mm Legendary Limited Edition version of Asharah is still available (although currently out of stock) so this Anniversary version is not planned to be released as a Legendary size model at the moment.

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