Hail to the Tree Warriors with a Special Launch Offer

November 25, 2010

There's something happening in the woods…
Brought to life by her divine calling, here come Syl-Iriah's servants: the Tree Warriors, the wrath of the forest incarnate, wrecking havoc across their enemies' ranks.

This is our first unit, sold as a box of 3 different multi-part Tree Warriors.
The Tree Warrior box contains 3 different heads, 3 different torsos, 3 different sets of legs and 6 different arms, all with a ball-joint assembly system.

This means that each of your Tree Warriors can be unique! All elements are compatible and interchangeable for an infinite number of variations and poses!

To celebrate American Thanksgiving, we've prepared an awesome launch offer:
Get 4 BOXES FOR THE PRICE OF 3 and obliterate your enemy with the power of 12 Tree Warriors!

Each box costs €46.95 with the cost of each Tree Warriors working out to €15.65 a piece (about US$20.85 or £13.25).

Each Tree Warrior easily fits on a 40mm base. The height to the eyes is about 50mm, and they stand up to 85mm tall.

Available now! Flat rate shipping is still only €3.
Check out the video!


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