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TGG2 - UPDATE #9 – Five Instant Bonus Unlocks + Freebies Retail Value Shoots Up past $250 + New Pledge Levels with Early Birds on Thursday! + ...

April 03, 2015 3 min read

Five Bonus Unlocks!

Just like we had faith in our TGG2 KS project and guaranteed you Freebies right off the bat, we're doing it again: we have complete confidence that this Kickstarter has still got a good long way to go. But we know how hard it is for backers to wait for more stuff to happen. And so, we're immediately unlocking 5 new miniatures.

However, we took the time to make sure this could be done responsibly, because we are essentially unlocking $50,000 worth of Stretch Goals in one fell swoop. This is not something we are doing lightly but, like we said, we truly have faith in you and in TGG2. So we went deep into our production numbers and scheduling to see what could be exciting and realistic at the same time. And this what we came up with:

Freebies Retail Value Shoots Up past $250

But this is not the only good news of the day!

At the beginning of the campaign, we offered anybody pledging at Lieutenant Box or above $200 worth of Freebies (retail value). But the truth is, we had a secret plan up our sleeve...

We knew that if the KS went well, we would not necessarily increase the number of Freebies (because of various production reasons), however, we figured we could put more expensive ones in the Freebies set. This means that at this point in time, the complete Freebies Pack has officially increase in retail value to over $250. (Several of the already unveiled freebies are also part of this increase)

If you think this is cool, then please share this Freebie image, add the link to the TGG2 campaign, and let's get more backers and funds to this campaign :)

New Pledge Levels Coming in just a few Hours!!!

The countdown has started!

Several backers have been asking for new EMINENCE BOX pledge level, the highest yet. As usual, the higher the Pledge Level, the better the deal!

So watch for it: we are launching it tomorrow at 2PM! And to make it even more tempting, it will come with Early Bird Specials too! It will launch at 2PM French time, so 1PM on UK time, 8AM on the US East Coast, etc. More times around the world here

See our countdown, or share it.

Quick Tips

Some light reading...
Beasts of War has just published a Q&A with Raging Heroes' Art Director. Also, don't miss this coming Sunday's Beasts-of-War Weekender webcast, which they tell us will feature the unboxing of many Raging Heroes miniatures from our first Kickstarter...

Cool Feedback
Noticed this cool comment by Rascarcapac on the Comments Thread earlier today, and wanted to share it with you: “I've just received all the minis of my TGG1 pledge today. They are just amazing, either metal or resin. The amount of detail is great, not many mould lines. The characters poses are stunning. I just regret I haven't pledged for more. For me, that is a clear incentive to pledge for this new KS. What I like about RH minis is their radicality. You have not seen any other minis like these on the market. I've been following this company since the beginning and I've witnessed their huge progress in the sculpts. Now I can say they can easily vie with other famous brands. (...)”

Want to talk with us? Need a quick answer or want to pass on a comment? You can catch us regularly and directly on our Live Chat, which appears in the bottom right corner of our Raging Heroes website. And if we're not online, you can always leave a message, we reply to most within 24 hours.

Other conversations are taking place on Facebook. Here's an interesting one, started on our Facebook Asharah Raging page by Raymond Raymond. Feel free to chime in or to start other posts.

New Concepts + Pinterest
Here are new images of concepts in larger size. We are continuing to update our TGG2 Pinterest board as well, where you'll find loads of TGG2 images. All in one place to see and share them easily.

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