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TGG2 - UPDATE #2: Second Freebie, Void and Lust Elves Background, some clarifications, and Quick Tips..

March 27, 2015 6 min read

#2: Second Freebie, Void and Lust Elves Background, some clarifications, and Quick Tips..

Meet Xarxis, the Succubus Queen. If the Harpies are ferocious and vicious creatures, you can probably guess what their queen may be like. So don't stand to close, or she'll rip your heart out.

Void Elves and Lust Elves

We thought it would make sense to share with you how the Void Elves and the Lust Elves came to be.

First, we could say that, in a sense, the Lust Elves were a happy accident. Well, from another point of view, there is no doubt that it could be said that they are a tragic accident that keeps on happening.

At first, we wanted some sort of Void Elf army, as they perfectly fit a specific place in the TGG universe. But, we will not yet tell you the exact truth about where they come from or what they really are. Deep and dark secrets lie in the TGG background.

So, for now, let us say that the Void Elves are a race of truly immense powers (heck, they don't even need to diet to stay slim...). And contrary to what you might think when you see them, Void Elves never go to war. Warring is beneath them. Void Elves just wanna have fun.

In fact, from all the intelligence gathered so far about them, it looks like the Void Elves could well be just a small group from a much larger civilisation, a small band of demented individuals who gather together for sick perverted games...

The only thing that's known for sure is that the Void Elves do not have a physical body per se. At least, not on the battlefield. Instead, it appears that they are able to project themselves as solid light holograms of sort.

There appears to be two kinds of Void Elves: the Hunters and the Sculptors, but there might be more.

Here is one that you've only seen as a silhouette so far, the Fantasy version of our beautiful and fearsome Lust Elves Demon Steed Rider (it will be on the Front Page tomorrow)

The Hunters target convoys, settlements, or even planets, and raid them for sport and trophies.

The Sculptors are worse: it is hard to truly understand their motives, but they seem fascinated by flesh, as it is something that they do not have. Their thing is to create insane constructs of flesh and technology that they use as vessels to incarnate and harvest even more flesh. They appear to see this as some kind of performance art, although their spirit and intelligence is so much beyond human standards that who they are and what they do is unfathomable.

Working from this premise gave us much room for crazy visual ideas, and we went completely overboard with the number of concepts and characters we designed for the Void Elves. And while in our mind, it was always one single army, we ended up with enough material for two. And it was obvious that fluff-wise, some armies would be made only of Hunters, some only of Sculptors, and that some armies would mix both. Even in the characters themselves, you can probably feel the mix between these two tribes. And since the Void Elves have no physical limitations in the way they will create their “bodies”, it is only logical that even Hunters don't necessarily limit themselves to two arms and two legs.

In our future game, please know that we consider the Lust Elves as part of the Void Elves army, as they are basically the same people and so, you will be able to play, say, only Void Elves, or only Lust Elves, or a combination of both. This is also why we put the Stingrays with the Void Elves in the Sci-Fi section, and with the Lust Elves in the Fantasy version, as their roles and the army they fit in will be a bit different depending on the Fantasy or Sci-Fi stetting,

We will actually talk about the Fantasy Dark Elves and the Fantasy Lust Elves in a next Update, but the set-up is basically the same: the Lust Elves are a more wicked sub-group of the regular Dark Elves culture.

Mixed Images

There have been several mishaps with one of our graphics artists. He is new in the team and we threw tons of info at him. With all the excitement and pressure of the KS launch, he ended up confusing a few things... Part of today has been spent fixing all this. Don't worry though, he has now learned his lessons after we shut him in a cupboard for a couple of hours with a band of enraged Lust Elves...

Anyway, the result of this was 

  •  that Sol-Sariah, the Sisters' Priestess, was unlocked twice in the Stretch Goals, 
  • that some characters appeared to need to be unlocked twice, once for Sci-Fi and once for Fantasy (because the same concept was mistakenly used for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy when there should have been two)
  • that incomplete 3D renders were shown instead of their concepts.

It may appear like a huge pile of mistakes but believe us, with the tons of files we had to handle for this KS, it's probably surprising there weren't more :)

To clarify things:

If a model is the same in Fantasy and in Sci-Fi, then it will be unlocked only once, in a single Stretch Goal. Be patient with us, we are still fixing all this, it won't take long.

Also, just in case you're wondering, you'll be happy to know that in the final sculpts, the difference between the Fantasy and the Sci-Fi version of a character (or a trooper) will be even more obvious than in the concepts. This is not saying that the miniature will be very different form the concept. It means that we will make sure to add touches, accessories and other visual cues to accentuate the specificities of each version.

Sol-Sariah was replaced in the $310,000 Stretch Goal by the Fantasy Hunter Pack Leader.


Regarding the 3D renders, some of them, for example the Regular Fantasy Sisters, were not actually supposed to be shown. As we mentioned earlier, that was a mix-up from our lay-out artist.

At the same time, this is not necessarily a bad thing as this shows you our process. In the same manner that the concept is not the actual miniature, the work-in-progress 3D sculpt is not yet the miniature that you will hold in your hands. The problem right now is that everybody is very much used to seeing work-in-progress of traditionally sculpted minis (what is called a work-in-progress green), and are not troubled when they see blobs of green stuff stuck on a wire armature. The work-in-progress of a 3D sculpt is the same thing, but it shows in different ways. With the way we work, we can have a full-blown sculpt of a character in just a few hours. But then, the hard work comes in: it's the lengthy task of beautifying the sculpt: balancing the proportions, giving it the right expression and the right emotion, making it come completely alive.

On the Dark Elf Long Swords, for example, we chose to show you the sculpts instead of concepts as they had evolved from previous concepts and ideas that we combined together. But they are not completely done yet, especially their heads that are still lacking beauty and expression, and a finalised hairdo.

But never fear, they will get the full Raging Heroes treatment before they go to the foundry, and with all the things we learned from our previous Kickstarter, and are going to be a fine match for the TGG1.

Upcoming Stretch Goals
Upcoming Stretch Goals

Quick tips

About the game

We've had a few questions about the game, and especially about its size. You might have missed the little section we wrote at the bottom of the KS front page on the game... As we mention there, the game will be very scalable, and you'll be able to start playing with just a few miniatures.

Special $500,000 Stretch Goal

For the special 500k Stretch Goal, we will be unlocking the much anticipated Altar of the Succubi. You can be sure that we will use all our skill to make this a completely memorable piece, and centrepiece of any gaming table!

Male figures

We've been asked if there would be male characters in this Kickstarter. The male characters mostly make sense for the Dark Elves and the Void Elves. So, as we know that most people are here for the female characters and armies, we will have specific stretch goals featuring sets of male heads and male torsos that you will be able to get to customise your Dark Elves and Void Elves troops.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lust Elves

Please note that most of the Lust Elves Troopers will be usable in Fantasy and Sci-Fi settings. There are only two units which come in two versions: the Skinners/Flesh Eaters, and the Centaurs.


We updated the FAQ earlier today on the front page of the Kickstarter, do check it out when you have a moment.

Well, that's it for now. In our next Update, we'll share the background for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy.

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