Update #101– Shipping Update and New Images

Here is a brief Update to keep you posted on how the fulfilment of the TGG KS is going. Things are moving well. As you know, the creative team and the sculpting crew have long finished their work, and it's now up to the foundries and the packing/shipping crews to deliver. 

You should also know that we will have another Update coming up this week with exciting news for you! Stay tuned, I think you'll like it...

Address Changes

If you moved and want to update your address, please let us know by contacting us through the Kickstarter messaging system, or on the Live Chat, or by email to RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com, so that we can update your file in the system

We have discovered that if you update your address yourself directly into the Pledge Manager, it will NOT be taken into account for the shipping of your Rewards, as the changes you make are not be pushed out to your current Rewards Selection. And we have no way of knowing that you have done that change. 

Wave 2 finished, Wave 3 has begun

The Second Wave of shipping has been entirely completed several weeks ago. If your shipping option was Drop Ship or Wave Shipping, you should have already received your parcel.

We have been receiving new models for the past few weeks (see next topic), and so we've begun shipping the first packages from Wave 3.

As we've mentioned before, Wave 3 is more of a continuous Wave: as soon as your Rewards Selection can be completed, we prepare and ship it. And pretty much every week now, we are receiving new stuff from the foundries! We will keep you updated as new stuff comes in.

New Arrivals

Here are the latest arrivals, all part of Wave 3:

New Metal Heroines:

  • Elektra Eisenstein, Commander, Armoured Division - KST
  • Ilsa Wolfenstein, General, Army Commander - IE
  • Lieutenant Parker - JB
  • Arushka, Yaga - KST
  • Keela Krupps, Transmission Coordinator - IE
  • Ludmilla Magdanova, Strategist- KST

The 9 remaining Freebies: 

  • W101, Cyberzombie Bodyguard - IE
  • Lucky Lucy, Spotter - JB
  • Ash, Tank Gunner - JB
  • Nurse Karoline, Field Medic - JB
  • Jaheda Kano, Armoured Division Officer - KST
  • Kristina Karlstein, Armoured Division Officer - IE
  • Nertha, the Faceless Mother (Freedom Fighter) - IE
  • Svetlana, the Light of Freedom - KST
  • Raven, the Chainbreaker, Leader of the Jailbirds -JB

For an overview of the entire production, please check our updated document What's in each wave

The foundries are working overtime to manufacture all remaining TGG. For example, early this coming week, we will be receiving over 15,000 new casts. And in the next 4 weeks, over 60,000 casts will also be shipped to us! And despite the massive undertaking this represents, the foundries keep doing an awesome job at quality control, and we also double-check everything they send us so that you receive the best possible quality of minis.

3D Print Photos of the Cyber Zombies

These cyberzombies are in the production queue, and we expect to receive prototypes very soon...

The Family Shot:






New 3D Print Photos of the Jet-Pack Girls

These ladies are also in the production queue, and we expect to receive prototypes very soon...

The Squadron:






New Painted Heroines

We've built up our painting team, so we've got brand new paint jobs to share with you!

Aaqila Noyakin:

Katrina Zerga:

Mimi the Radio:

Tania Tanker

New 3D Print Photos of all the Trikes

These just came in a few minutes ago, so we whipped out the camera and snapped some shots for you!

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4 - with Kristina Karlstein (an IE freebie) next to it

Image 5 - also with Kristina Karlstein (an IE freebie) next to it

Staffing up

Thanks to your unbelievable support, our little company is now growing! And so we need new team members to join the adventure. If you want to work with Raging Heroes, or know someone who does, follow the links for all details. Please don't hesitate to share and repost! 

Sales and Marketing Manager (no relocation required) 

Senior Freelance Photoshop graphic artist (no relocation required)

See you soon...

Well, that's it for now, but we'll be back again later this week with a new Update featuring exciting news for you!!!

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