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Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadows, now available for pre-order

May 04, 2010 2 min read

With Kahn-Urkan, we wanted to create the ultimate villain for your evil armies. Once again, we haven’t been stingy with accessories and options, and we can probably say that there is currently nothing like it on the market.

If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you know that Khan-Urkan is the first mini from our Lords of War collection. This means that it was designed so that the 54mm version can be used as a large creature for your 28mm armies. So you can use it as a Great Demon, as a God Avatar, as a Fire Giant, etc.

Depending on your level of megalomania ;-), you choose Khan-Urkan in any of his six variants, each provided with ten accessories. Yes, ten! The smallest version is wingless and about 4 cm high. The largest stands tall at … 25cm!

Here are the technical details for Khan-Urkan. You’ll find many images and all additional details on the Legendary Kahn-Urkan and Heroic Kahn-Urkan product pages.

From the press release:
Raging Heroes introduces Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadows, a formidable character for your Evil armies. He represents the perfect Black Knight archetype. With his many options and his availability in two sizes, Kahn-Urkan can be used as a Vampire Lord, a General or the Avatar of a Dark Elven God, a Champion of Chaos, or a huge Demon.

Be amongst the first 100 to pre-order and save up to 10 Euros, depending on the model chosen.

Kahn-Urkan is now available for pre-order in two versions:
- Heroic Kahn-Urkan : In 28mm scale, its massive wings give it a size of about 15cm high and yet, the mini fits on a 20×20mm base and can thus be easily incorporated into a unit.
- Legendary Kahn-Urkan : In this version, Kahn-Urkan can be used as a Great Demon or a God Avatar for 28mm armies, or as a 54mm collector miniature. The mini will fit on a 40×40mm base. The tip of the wings is 25cm from the ground, making Legendary Kahn-Urkan one of the largest demonic miniature on the market.

Both versions are supplied with an impressive assortment of 10 accessories: five weapons, three heads, two sets of shoulders.

In addition, you can have Kahn-Urkan with Bat wings, with wings of Thorns, or choose the wingless alternative. Don’t miss the many images on the website.

Availability: Mid-July 2010

More images:

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