Vampiric mutations - WIP

Please note: This miniature is called Khan-Urkan and is now available in two versions: 28mm (hero) or in 54mm (demon).
For each version, you also have a choice of Bat wings or Thorn wings.

Is it a vampire in full transformation? A greater demon? The choice is yours…

Here is the first alternate head of this Vampire Lord. We loved Ignatius’ original drawing and were wondering how Fausto would transcribe it as a sculpt… Well, we haven’t been disappointed!

And remember that, as with our other minis, the Lord Vampire will also be available in 54mm. And we’ve designed it so that the 54mm version can be used as a greater demon or as a god avatar for your 28mm army. It will surely tower over the battlefield with its 30cm (12inch) height from foot to wing tip!

So here are digital renders of our 3D sculpts. The Vampire is shown here without its cape and wings.

The mini will be available for pre-order in the next few days.

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