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Spirit of the Woods

January 17, 2010 1 min read

Some minis are complicated to design and sculpt, and others just seem to happen along. So here’s a surprise that was not on our production schedule, our second mini in of our Lords of War range. The Spirit of the Woods unleashes the forces of nature on those who attack its harmony. She can be integrated in various Good armies such as Wood Elves or Barbarians for example.

In its 28 mm, this mini will be 17 cm high (almost 7 inches)! We have not yet determined what her exact size will be in its 54 mm version, we are currently studying the feasibility of it with our master caster.

This image is not the definitive sculpt, we are still working on it. We are not yet decided on alternative versions for this mini. Perhaps a kind of archangel for an army of knights? Also, what kind of weapons and accessories would you like her to have? Please post your suggestions by clicking on “comments” below.

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