How Raging Heroes minis are made

Our manufacturing process is a bit different from what minis’ manufacturers usually do. We thought it would be nice to explain it a bit to you, especially because many of the pics you see on the website are specific to this process.

It starts like any creative process does: a lot of brainstorm and many sketches. The results are then summarized on a character sheet that shows a finalized hand-drawn version of the soon-to-be-miniature.

Then we create a prototype with 3D software. This allows us to rework the character’s pose and design as we wish, and there’s a lot of back-and-forth between the 3D and the hand-drawn concepts. We end up with a document that could be considered as something between a drawn concept and a traditional green. The pics showing the figs in ivory are pics of this stage.

From then on, we create a 54mm and 28mm sculpt, adjusting proportions to each specific scale. Depending on the fig, proportion changes can be minor or more important.

Then two masters are created. The photographs of Moloss and Minion (in a grey resin) are pictures taken at this step. You can see that the master is absolutely true to the 3D prototype. The master is used to create the moulds needed to produce the mini either in resin or white metal.

asharah design head

asharah design

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