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March 29, 2016 2 min read

Hello Folks,

April is almost upon us and we've got more new releases for you to drool over.

First up are the dashing heroines of the Iron Empire... the Jet Girls!

Strapping on their sleek jet packs, these girls launch lightning assaults, strafing enemy lines in death-defying dives, before soaring skyward again in elaborately evasive spirals and loops.

Combining their insane speed with their small profile, they also make great scouts, flying below enemy radar and even evading visual detection, using trees and hills to hide their approach.

The Jet Girls make great Assault Squads or Drop Troop proxies, adding some truly unique miniatures to your army line-up!

The Iron Empire's embalming and restoration rites return the dead to life in all layers of society. This reliance on such a dark method of survival doesn't lend itself to an overly joyful society either.

In this gloomy culture, overshadowed by war and the omnipresence of death and decay, the Jet Girls soaring in untainted skies, are a symbol of hope. Shining bright in the otherwise dark and depressing Iron Empire society.

These elite squads are the poster girls of the Iron Empire, often opening official ceremonies with elaborate aerial displays and any public meetings lucky enough to have a Jet Girl in attendance always draws large crowds!

Recruited entirely on merit and skill, there are no shortcuts to join their ranks. The trials for entry are so intense and require such sharp reflexes, that no restored dead has ever successfully passed.

Due to the nature of their role on the battlefield, Jet Girls casualties never come back as undead either; their fuel-rich packs either explode in a ball of flame, or they crash to earth with such speed that restoration simply isn't an option.

The only exception to this being the mysterious Red Baroness, but that's another story...

An entirely living unit is unheard of in the rest of the Iron Empire military. Together with their creed of death as a glorious end, the Jet Girls are often seen as a thorn in the side of the ruling powers, who look unfavourably on anything that strays from the Undead Path they've set the Iron Empire on.

Alongside their elite nature and the obvious thrill of flight, the lure of the Jet Girls runs much deeper and taps into the memories of a time gone by.

Soaring above all the darkness, living an apparently carefree life, unfettered by the daily grind, the Jet Girls embody the dream that one day, things will get better...

This Iron Empire Jet Girls pack contains 5 multipart Jet Pack Girls with 25 mm round bases.

As with many of our TGG boxes, the Iron Empire Jet Girls use our customisable ball-joint assembly system, so you can easily create highly customised unique units for your army!

Please check out these minis and many more in our online shop at

Thanks for reading and happy flying!

Jon Simpson

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