X-MAS LIMITED TIME OFFER: 5% off a limited RESIN run of the Kurganova Sisters LE Box


A few weeks ago, our resin caster told us that he had created moulds for the Kurganovas Limited Edition Box, and that he could make an initial production run of about 100 casts! We thought this would be a great opportunity for the Holiday season!

We've now received them! 100 Kurganova Limited Edition kits in high quality Resin (which include Ivanka, Olga, Malinka and Charlie). Over a third have already been sold in the past few days! And once they're all gone, it's a bit hard for us to say when the next run will be, as our resin caster will soon be very busy working on the Connoisseur Box Resin Cast Heroines...

Interested? Don't miss out!
For a limited period of time, we're offering a special deal for those who want to get the Kurganova Limited Edition Set in High Quality Resin: you'll get 5% off with this coupon: V5MTX29SHZ5N

And here's a quick-and-dirty image of all the stock we just received...

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