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Xeryell, AVATAR of the Dominion of Hatred (CS - F/SF)

Xeryell, AVATAR of the Dominion of Hatred is 210mm tall, that is, over 8.3 inches from floor to the highest point. Lovingly designed with brilliant details, this huge model will be a fantastic addition to your army and a dream to paint. This massive miniature is one of the biggest demons you'll likely ever have on your table.

"When the Avatar of Xeryell stomps the earth with her hoofed foot, no mortal can resist the wave of terror that engulfs the battlefield: few warriors will see tomorrow once they've faced the pure hatred embodied by this god-like creature, and no human mind can witness this fury and rage without being branded by it forever..."

Note: no base is provided. The minimum base size would be 90mm.


→ Xeryell also comes in 2 other versions: the Heroine-sized LADY version and the larger QUEEN version.

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Leader of the Dominion of Hatred, Xeryell can manifest in various sizes. She can move with her troops in her Lady form in the size of a regular human. She lets her wrath blow and grow to her demon-sized Queen form. She manifests in her full form when she transforms into a massive Avatar and, like a greater god or demon, she dwarfs everything on the battleground...

The Dominion of Hatred is one faction of the Corrupted Sisters:

The Corrupted Sisters

They had been forgotten in space for too many years...

Aboard the Ark, drifting in space, meant to bring back to Cathedra what was left of life on Earth, a sample of each gene and each book, idea, data that they could salvage from the ravaged Earth.

Trapped in the void of space, the Sisters of the Ark turned into something unexpected. What dark and foul mystery took place inside the ship?

When the Ark reached its final destination, and its bulkhead doors opened, what came out had been corrupted by seven dark damnations. The crew of the ship had become the Corrupted Sisters, split into seven evil dominions...