Wind Shredders and Seraph Eagles (Sisters - F) - Raging Heroes

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Wind Shredders and Seraph Eagles (Sisters - F)

The powerful Wind Shredders and Seraph Eagles, are troops from our Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light, a new Raging Heroes' army!

The Wind Shredders are an elite group of warriors who never miss their targets.

Their aim is impeccable and once they enter a battlefield, the only thing their enemies can see is a wave of arrows coming at them.

The Wind Shredders are accompanied by Seraph Eagles, who not only protect them but attack if their opponents come too close.

Our Paladins are finely crafted in resin. Towering at 37-40mm from the floor to the eyes, paladins surpass their puny enemies on the battlefield as all good paladins should! They will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 3x30mm bases and 3 x 40mm round base.

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