WereSheWolf Reyha (KST) - Raging Heroes

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WereSheWolf Reyha (KST)

Reyha WereSheWolf is a huge female werewolf in resin + 50 mm round base. See the size comparison with a regular 30mm scale Heroine in the images here.

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The Kurgan people have a long history of shamanic traditions. They have countless folk tales about wood creatures, sorceresses and changelings. But these topics are now taboo. 

Historians say that a long time ago, the Kurgans were strong-tempered, excessive people with simple means and hearty spirits, who enjoyed their wine as much as their fights. They had a loose, somewhat disorganized social structure that nevertheless suited them perfectly. 

But then, a sudden and unanticipated burst in their economy changed everything. 

And greed soon pushed them into ultra-violent civil wars that were later to be named the War of the Beasts. They came to use their otherwise sacred shamanic powers to fuel merciless bloodshed that cut a swathe of destruction through the Kurgan population. It forever shattered their way of life, their beliefs, their philosophy. 

Many many years later, they emerged from those dark times as a totally different people. They managed to rebuild their society only through extremely firm discipline and a devotion for science and technology. 
The shamanic tales and powers of old times have now become taboo and the Kurgans have learned to ruthlessly repress their animal side. 

Yet today, they face a new challenge. Rampant corruption has infested their omnipresent hierarchy. Many believe that the solution can only be found by going back to their old ways. And with the discovery of the 'were' gene, the power of the ancient Yagas is on the rise. Even if it is still taboo, many Kurgans now roam the battlefields in their 'were-animal' form.